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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Photovoltaic (pv) miniature energy system is made up of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, battery, controller, solar inverter, battery charger, portable box, etc. Its working principle is: solar cells convert solar energy into electrical energy during the day and for battery charging, electrical power can use battery electricity at any time. The power supply has to work independently, green environmental protection no pollution, no noise, safe and reliable, easy to carry, long life and other characteristics, suitable for emergency use less electricity and without electricity or out. Solar systems are also widely used in petroleum industry of cathodic protection system, communications industry base station, etc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Concentration is several parallel photovoltaic inverter technology group of string is connected to the same concentration of inverter dc input, In general,the larger power solar inverter use three-phase IGBT power modules, the smaller power solar inverter use field effect transistor, at the same time using DSP conversion controller to improve the quality of the output power, making it very close to the sine wave current, commonly used in large photovoltaic power station (> 10 kw) system. Biggest characteristic is the system is high power, low cost, but due to different pv group list, output voltage and current is often incomplete matching (especially the pv group by reason of cloudy, shade, stain was partly sheltered), adopting the way of centralized inverter can reduce the efficiency of the inverter process and can fall electric door. At the same time, the whole pv system reliability of generating a photovoltaic cell set was effected by work status. The latest research direction is using space vector modulation control as well as the development of new inverter topology, in order to obtain efficient part load conditions.

1 Ensure that the area of the roof, or other installation location size can accommodate the size which pv systems to be installed 2 when installation, need to check whether the roof able to withstand plus the quality of the pv system, if necessary also need to enhance the bearing capacity of the roof 3 according to the design standard of building roof, properly handle the roof 4 in strict accordance with the specification and the steps to install the equipment 5 Correct and well set grounding system, can effectively avoid lightning 6 check system runs well 7 to ensure design and related equipment can meet the needs of the local power grid interconnection Finally, by the authoritative testing institutions or electricity department to conduct a comprehensive test to the system