3kw off-grid solar system

Solar panel power generation system use photovoltaic effect principle, it is the power system that directly convert solar radiation into electrical energy generating system. Off-Grid Solar System convert solar energy into electricity to supply the load through battery energy storage, connected to the off-grid inverter

System installation and construction

The following measures should be taken by electric shock :

  1. Insulated shoes with low voltage insulated gloves should be worn and insulated tools should be used
  2. Eye-catching, clear and easy to understand electrical safety logo should be pay attention to in construction site
  3. Outdoor construction work shall not be taken in rain, snow, windy weather conditions
  4. when installed power systems at the construction site, overhead cable insulation should be isolated
  5. Using hand-held power tool should follow the GB3787 standard “hand-held power tool of management, use and inspection Maintenance of safety technology “

The following safety measures should be taken when installing the 3kw Off-Grid Solar System:

  1. The components of a photovoltaic system in the storage, handling, lifting and other process can not to be collision damage. When Solar PV lifting,its bottom be timbered, the back can not be subjected to any impact and weight
  2. The surface of the Solar panel shall be covered by the valid shade during the installation, to prevent the risk of electrical shock.
  3. The output cable of Solar panel can not be short-circuit.
  4. When connected with no-switch-off arc function, it cannot be positive or negative or open under load or a low resistance circuit situation.marine solar system
  5. When connected completed or partially completed PV systems, in case of rupture of Solar Panel,we cannot close to the system and ask the professional worker for disposal.
  6. Pay attention to the impact of the hot spot effect after connected Turn PV circuit and can not partial shelter solar panel.
  7. Set up a dedicated footboard when installed and construced on more than 10 ° sloping roof
  8. Aerial construction workers should wear safety protective equipment, and set up eye-catching, clear, understandable security identity.

Construction projects include: fabrication and installation of solar panel module bracket, installation of solar panel assembly phalanx, the battery connections, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment, debugger of off-grid system.

Construction sequence: basic construction – fabrication and installation of solar panel assembly bracket – solar panel assembly square installation -commissioning and installation of Controller – battery installation – installation and commissioning of electrical instrumentation equipment – debugger of off-grid system- System commissioning – final acceptance.

Construction Preparation

3kw Off-Grid Solar System parts list:

System Components Specification Quantity
Solar Panels 250w/35v 12
Battery 200AH/12v 4
Solar Mounting Systems 3kw 1 set
Off grid inverter 3kw 1
Breaker 100A,60A,32A 1
Lightning protection equipment 1 set

Cable System Configuration:

Solar panel cables 4mm2 200m
Battery cables 25mm2,0.5M 2m
Off-grid inverter cables 25mm2,3M 6m
Load output cabels 16mm2(three-color wire)5M 5m
Mains complementary line 16mm2(three-color wire)5M 5m
Ground lines 25mm2(3M) 3m

The main measuring instruments and usage:

No. Name Deviation Usage
1 Level Theodolite Measured horizontally standard deviation ± 2 “ Building Axes test vote
2 Vertical theodolite Measured the vertical standard deviation ± 6 “ Building verticality test vote
3 Level gauge Measured go-back error of ± 3mm per kilometer high building General height measurement
4 Steel tape Length error ± 3mm Distance
5 Multimeter Accuracy error of ± 0.5 Measured voltage and current

Technical preparation

Technical preparation is the key factor in determining the quality of construction, it follow following aspects of work:

  1. first carry out investigation and research on the ground and access local data and related data analysis summary, make practical engineering design.
  2. The axis of the control point building the establishment of the construction site of the project and elevation axes of control network.
  3. Of high construction control ,it use water level elevation to introduced from the measurement standard point (bp), and establish fixed elevation control point outside the building was built in order to lead building measure and the foundation level.
  4. Engineering axes control:axis test using theodolite Surveying and both ends of each control axis,establish some distance fixed mark leaving the location of the building to, for construction observation and review of the transfer use.
  5. Prepare the construction of the required specifications, work instructions, for all kinds of records form Atlas construction and construction-related materials.
  6. Organize construction team familiar with the drawings and specifications and do preliminary drawings record.
  7. The technical staff make a joint checkup of the drawings and make a record of examination question.
  8. Make practical and technical measures for the construction program and make construction schedule.

The installation include :1 Solar mounting system installation 2 Solar panel Installation 3 The connection of the system component.

1 Solar mounting system installation

1. Component construction content

  1. Transportation of aluminum profiles and solar cell module
  2. On-site positioning actinomycetes
  3. Aluminum profiles and solar cell module
  4. Solar panels array
  5. String connection of Solar battery cables and DC convergence box connection
  6. Electrical of testing string connections performance

2 Installation

According to drawings, determine the mounting area of solar panels, depending on the different components of the installation area, check if  the embedded part meets the design requirements, determine the details of the location of each part of the holder of aluminum profiles, block division and do markers;

According to drawings,it is the time to divide region to refine division and precision measurement through a level, theodolite and other measuring tools. Put line according to each location, and retest to ensure the accuracy of construction, in order to reduce the amount of adjustment after the procedure.

Fix the base reference point and confirm the installation location

Mounting System installation steps:

  • front and back column installation:

Install front and back column on the Cement block foundation , and then install the Triangle connection on the front and back column. Attention: install the M10*25 Outer corner and Within briquetting on the triangle connection firstly.

  • Vertical beams installation

On the open side of the vertical beams , be connected tightly with the triangle connection Within briquetting.

  • Bracing Installation

Firstly ,installed the part of triangle connection well .Secondly, connect the bracing and triangle connection orderly. Thirdly,installed Fastener well .

  • Beam Installation

Firstly ,installed the beam on the vertical beams through the bolt set.Secondly ,connected well the Beam through the fittings.Thirdly,tighten up the Fastenerver.

  • Component installation

Firstly, install Edge Crush and Medium Crush well with the Bolt set.Secondly,list the solar panels well.Secondly, tighten up the Fastener.

Solar panel Installation

List embedded solar array rack plinth.And detect a single cell board current, voltage, qualified ,then install solar panel modules.Check if Plug is firmly .junction boxes and plug should be waterproofed. Detect if solar module array of No-load voltage is normal.this work should be completed by the professional technician.

3 The connection of the system component.

(1)  solar panels (250w / 35v): every two solar panels in series into a group 500w / 70v. 6 parallel In parallel into 3000W / 70V. After the connection is completed, the solar panels will lead to a positive and a negative lead. Two copper connectors mounted on the positive and negative. Then connected positive and negative input terminals to 60A Breaker (1,3,5 input). Then connect a positive and a negative lead wire connected to the 60A Breaker output (2,4,6 output). Positive and negative cable leaded by output terminal connect to input terminals of the solar panel of the solar inverter. The positive line connected to the positive terminal, negative line connected to the negative terminal.

Solar panels positive and negative wiring work

Solar panel wiring groove

Solar panel wiring groove work

Component connection attention:

1 After the solar panels installation is completed, make the appropriate fine-tuning of the appearance of the assembly square flatness, pitch gap portion parts. After all meet the requirements, make the link at the welding operation with the welding and the whole structure stereotypes.

2 when installed solar panels, make ensure that the connection assembly bracket solid and reliable, and it can easily replaced by another solar cell module. Square solar cells must be able to resist and stand 120km / h wind without being damaged. Each Bolts, retainer clips and clamps must be fixed, can not be gaps.

3 Make sure the connection of the components accordance with the design and installation diagram groups are in strict connected in series, Grouping attended. Each group is connected to refine the division of labor, strengthen self-test and supervise each other, make sure the connection is correct. While ensuring reliable grounding. Wire joint firm, not out of line, the drain line. On-site production of special connectors must be installed strictly complyed with rational combination of the assembly process, dedicated connector plug must be connected in place.

Component testing:

  1. Solar panel installed well and work well, to test the connection.
  2. Packet detect each solar cell connection status and parameters, there is some things need to detect such as physical output voltage, output current, and insulation resistance, etc., in order to detect the string connection is working, appropriate records should be made.
  3. Ensure the reliable connection of the solar cell module and a holder, ensure reliable grounding DC combiner box and reliable connection as well as a solar cell module with insulation

 (2) Battery (200AH / 12V): 12V battery every four series into a group consisting to 200AH / 48V. After the completion of a series-parallel drawn, positive lead and a negative lead from both sides of the battery. Positive and negative connect to the input terminal (1,3,5) of Breaker 100A, leads to two wires from the output of the Breaker (2,4,6) connected to the solar inverter

(3) AC output cable (220V / 50HZ) connection. AC output terminal of solar inverters connect to three-Color lines ,which connected to the AC output terminals live, neutral and ground. On the other end ,it connected to 32A  Breaker input terminal: FireWire to FireWire connection, the zero line to the zero line, ground to ground wire. The live, neutral and ground leading from the breaker is connected to the power supply socket (FireWire connected FireWire, zero line and ground zero ground). As illustrated

(4)3kw Off-grid Inverter

input AC 220V or110V50/60HZ
DC Battery:48V
output AC 220v±3% or AC 220v±3%240v±3% or AC 100v±3%110v±3%
Rated power The maximum continuous output power: 3000W;The instantaneous maximum power: 6000W
Battery Charging way Intelligent charging
Charging current 0-15A
Controller DC input 48v(48v-80v)
Max current 45A
Protect function Solar panel reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, lightning protection, battery high / low protection, thermal protection, over-discharge protection
Convert time ≤5s
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