Benefits of Marine Power Inverter on Boat

The task of a marine power inverter is to convert DC power into 120 Volts AC power as that allows you to use household items on the boat. The inverter takes the DC power from the battery bank of the boat. If you are having an inverter on the boat then you don’t need to install a generator. You will get inverters of different sizes in the market. Now let us find out the reasons for which you need to install a marine power inverter on the boat.

Advantages of having an Inverter on Boat

If you are traveling on a boat in the sea then inverters can actually make the journey enjoyable for you. You can use household appliances like TV, printer, computer, microwave, etc. throughout your journey and it is made possible by the 120 Volts AC power supplied by the inverters. It prevents you from sharing power with the help of a generator. It can also be used to recharge mobile phones or VHF batteries with AC chargers. Inverters give you the option to use AC electronic appliances without purchasing equipment that is powered by battery or 12 volts. The AC power tools are quite expensive and they are much more powerful than tools which are battery powered.Techniacally benefits of marine inverter on boat discuss on must check and increase your boat appliance life.

A generator is usually used to fulfill AC power needs of large electronic equipment like air conditioners and large refrigerators. If your AC power requirements are small and if you are not willing to use an internal combustion engine then you can choose to install marine power inverters in your boat. Such inverters are cheap, you don’t have to spend much on their maintenance. They are a stable source of AC power and their circuitry is solid and nonintrusive.

Even if the inverters form a sine wave that is altered and not similar to that of a generator, the power of these inverters is enough to run several motor-driven and electronic appliances. You can also get inverters in the market that can produce true sine waves. They might be expensive but they can help in running more number of appliances and the possibility of causing any serious damage to such appliances to get reduced. A few devices like printers cannot be run by a modified sine wave, so it is good to spend some more money and buy an inverter that is capable of producing a true sine wave.

Inverters and Generators are Complementary to Each Other 

You can have both inverter and generator on the boat as they are complementary to each other. While a generator can help in charging batteries and running large air conditioners, an inverter can help you to use TV, coffee maker or a small microwave. Hence, it is feasible for you to utilize the benefits of both inverters and generators on the boat.

So, if you are planning to go out for a trip in a boat, you must consider installing a marine power inverter that can make you feel at home. It will help in breaking the boredom of your journey and also save a good amount of money.

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