How To Maintain a Solar System

How many years an off-grid system can live?As the solar power system is composed of many different components, and life of each component is not the same, so this problem should be separated, the solar panels have a long life, can reach 20–25 years, the controller and inverters generally can reach 5–8 years, and the battery are generally 3–5 years. battery and off grid inverter is the most important and vulnerable part of the off-grid solar photovoltaic system, their life will determine the life of the solar photovoltaic power generation system. When using off-grid power supply system, user should pay particular attention to maintaining the battery and inverter components, these two parts are effected by user habits. Therefore, special attention should be payed.

  • 1 Battery Maintenance
    Battery is in repeated charging and discharging process when use it. battery life is cycle times that be capable of withstanding the charging and discharging return. Firstly,it affected by the depth of discharge, the deeper the discharge, the fewer the number of cycles to return. secondly, if not timely charge and marine solar system for boatdischarge, the number of cycles reduced. Therefore, when use it , try not too much depth of discharge, if due to poor weather conditions resulted in insufficient charging, you should use less or stop using it. Especially in the rainy weather of a long time, we must ensure that there is a certain amount of power the battery.
  • 2 Off Grid Inverter Maintenance
    The off grid inverter has a rated output capacity , different capacity power generation system, different output capacity inverter .when it supply the power to household appliances, make sure electrical power is lower than the inverter rated output capacity. In general, that ensure that electrical power is less than 80% of the inverter power level is appropriate. For example, a 3000W off-grid power system configured inverter is 3000W output capacity, you can only use electrical power to 3000W or less, to ensure that electrical power at 2400W or less most reasonable. If the motor and other inductive loads, it should be in 600W or less appropriate.
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